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Too often, people with poor or low vision generally accept a greater loss of independence that is necessary. Discover practical solutions to vision loss.


If low vision limits your ability to enjoy life and remain independent, explore exciting new choices in low vision aids at Desert Low Vision Services. They offer a unique, in-store expertise and retail products. Desert Low Vision Services addresses each individual’s challenges with positive, practical solutions.


When your vision has reached the point where eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery can no longer help, you need to meet with someone who understands your vision loss.

Janet Dylla, a low vision specialist for 24 years

  • Evaluates the extent of vision loss
  • Recommends appropriate low vision devices and teaches their proper use
  • Trains in the efficient use of your remaining vision.


Desert Low Vision Services is committed to elevating each low vision individual’s ability to function independently and maximize remaining sight. An extensive selection of products from simple hand held magnifiers to the latest camera magnification systems are available on site.

The low vision aid you might need is dependent on many different factors, such as, the type of vision loss you have the degree of that loss, you light and glare difficulties and your ability to handle and use the aid.


A lot of people with a low vision problem find that they may need a few different magnifiers, like one for fine detail tasks, one for watching television and one for reading street signs. Desert Low Vision Services with help you with more quality choices and more solutions….you’ll see!!

Just like adjusting to any new vision product, it takes time and practice to master its use, so you have to be patient. The results that can be realized from magnification technology are well worth it.

Call today and learn more about why Desert Low Vision’s reputation for quality service is the medical professional’s choice for comprehensive low vision services for their patients. Convenient and centrally located.


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