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Photo of Andy Taylor DJ from KGVY RadioAndy Taylor



Andy Taylor started his "radio career" early, as a listener to radio programs in California, at the young age of 10.


Born in England and immigrated to California in 1964, his parents enjoyed the comedy of The Goon Show, Tony Hancock and Morecomb and Wise. His father also regularly listened to the music of Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller. Suffice it to say, the influences from his parents and the radio of the 60's, 70's and 80's led him to attending a broadcasting school in 1987 after jobs at Disneyland, The Film Industry and a Wax Museum. After 10 years of a succesful morning show in Palm Springs, his radio partner and him found themselves in Tucson at Classic Rock KLPX where the two had a succesful run for many years. Andy ventured off to KNST where he served as Weekend News and Fill in for the Morning Talk Show at the same time meeting up with Management of KGVY 1080 to produce videos for the website. This is Andy's second tour of duty at KGVY where he has served as Program Director and Continues as Morning Show Host, Maintains the KGVY Website and serves as Video Production Coordinator to KGVY. Andy also enjoys Acting, Filmmaking and Graphics.


Andy Taylor's Links:


Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/techtalkradio
Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/techtalkradio
IMDB Profile at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4356291/

A photo of KGVY Radio DJ Bob Kale



Bob Kale grew up in Chicago. The benefits of the great chicago dogs and pizza from the windy city lost out over the sunshine of southern Arizona. Giving Bob a break from putting snow tires on at the end of August, Bob moved to Nogales, Arizona in the mid 80's, and started his broadcast journey in Nogales and Tucson.


Since them, Bob, his wife and kids have moved around the West, with gigs in Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, then the Great Northwest in Washington.


Bob is a fan of Baseball and can be found rooting for his favorite teams during his afternoon show from 2pm to 6pm with your Familiar Favorites on KGVY.

A Photo of Bill Mortimer, Radio Announcer on KGVY AM/FM BILL MORTIMER

2P-6P Sunday, Mondays

Bill Mortimer was born at Canoa Ranch in Amado, Arizona. 

As a teenager he began clowning rodeos and thought that would
be his lifestyle, but when he became addicted to radio the bumps
and bruises of rodeo gave way to the records and turntables of a
disc jockey. An auto racing career would be cut short when Bill was drafted into the Army in 1962.


For over 50 years he would work at almost all of the Tucson radio stations, spending most of his years at KCUB/KIIM. In the early 80’s, oldies rock and roll would snare him a gig with KCEE and his Chef Morte alter ego would be a hit for nearly five years. His knowledge of artists and music would always be a highlight of his radio shows.


He was handed the reins of KCUB and KTUC for several years and then it was on to NPR KUAZ/KUAT for his final five. Retirement didn’t last long after moving to Green Valley with his wife Suzy. The lure of KGVY was too much. He can be heard every Monday from 2pm to 6pm and whenever the need arises! This native son also writes for the KGVY Quarterly and you can find him on Facebook.

A Photo of Bill Mortimer, Radio Announcer on KGVY AM/FM Tim "Bud" Mckay


Tim "Bud" Mckay was born at St. Mary's hospital in Tucson. He likes to wave whenever he drives by there.


His parents whisked him away to the mid west when he was just a toddler, and that was where he was raised. Tim returned to Tucson in 1977, curious about his birthplace, and knew from the first day that he was going to stay.


In between, he worked as a radio personality in Chicago; Fort Lauderdale/Miami;  San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Anchorage, Alaska--among other far-flung locales. 


Tim's radio career perked right along, with stints at various Tucson area stations. Then he found a haven at KGVY, where he was program director for thirteen years (and finally got to move out of the Home For Wayward Deejays). A few years ago he he decided to "retire." But the pull of the airwaves drew him back, and now he is the "designated hitter" at KGVY--filling in wherever and whenever the need arises. 

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