Colonic Works


170 N La Canada Drive
Suite 30D
Green Valley, Arizona 85614
(520) 237-2154



Colon hydrotherapy is an ancient, time-honored, gentle water cleansing of the colon. It is also referred to as colonics, colon therapy and high colonics. The benefits of colonics are many, and include thoroughly cleansing the colon and clearing out toxic waste, soothing and toning the colon, and helping to achieve efficient elimination.


Other beneficial effects can be clearing up acne, rashes and allergies. Some people report increased energy and a sense of calmness. Efficient waste elimination increases beneficial nutrient absorption.


Colonic Works also offers Alimtox Detox Foot Baths and Amazon Herbs, as well as Ion Ways alkalinized ionized water.


Colonic Works is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call 520-237-2154 to schedule an appointment or for a consultation. For more information visit our website at: “Water In! Waste Out!”



170 N La Canada Drive
Suite 30D
Green Valley, Arizona 85614
(520) 237-2154

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  • 520-237-2154

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