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The 70's with Steve Goddard

1pm-4pm Saturday Afternoons


Every Saturday Afternoon the Studios of KGVY 1080 transform into the 70's. Lava Lamps, Bell Bottoms and Disco balls hanging from the ceiling become required decor for the station which delivers a look back at the 70's with Veteran Radio Host Steve Goddard.


The Show not only plays great famiar favorites from that era but also provide information about the artist and the stories behind the music. Steve weekly builds each show on a theme with such favorites as "The Women of Motown" or "The Dancing 70's." It's not all Disco as favorite Ballads, Classic Rock and even a Novelty Hit or two will find airplay. From a Time period that brought us Disco Duck, Convoy and The Streak, that's really not suprising.


4pm-5pm Saturday Afternoons

A friendly and fun approach to technology. Hosted by Andy Taylor and Justin Lemme with Shawn DeWeerd, Slick and Broadway, the TechtalkRadio Show has been On The Air since 1996 and focuses on Consumer Electronics with answers to your questions on Technology whether it's upgrading to Windows 11 to hooking up that streaming video service to your big screen.


The Radio Show has broadcast from The Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Photoshop World Conferences. Also featured during the show are interviews with companies that have introduced the latest Tech as well as a Website of the week presented by the host - Find out More at TechtalkRadio.Com


The Beatle BruncH
Noon- 1pm Sundays

A True Beatle Fan, Host Joe Johnson host a weekly experience with the Beatles. During a time when many are enjoying a nice Brunch, it's great to have the music and the stories of the Beatles along for the ride.


Over the years of attending BeatleFest Celebrations and interviewing Members past and surviving of the SuperGroup, Joe has countless hours of audio and memories of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Enjoy your Morning with the Beatles and Host Joe Johnson for Beatle Brunch.


Goddards Gold

1pm-4pm Sunday Afternoons


Steve Goddard provides your musical escape on Sundays with his extensive Music Collection and knowledge with a listen to the Top Gold Hits of the 60's and 70's.


When we say extensive collection of Music, we aren't joking. It is estimated that Steve's collection rounds near 100,000 records with many of these tracks unreleased studio recordings. Interviews, memories and great gems from the Artist of the 60's and 70's with Steve Goddard and Goddards Gold.

Beatle BrunchHosted by Joe Johnson

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